What’s the catch?

It’s not often we stop to think about what we would do…. if we could do what we really wanted to do. If it was possible to turn the ideas and thoughts that run through our minds before we sleep, or while staring out the window of our office, about a more loving and fair utopian reality ….into something real the next day. Life has told us that ideas are to be kept to ourselves… because in many ways they are the invisible hopes that keep us alive, so to have them threatened is putting ourselves at risk of existential terror, leaving us naked and unarmed by them being dissolved by people’s indifference to them. We keep them safe by only placing them in the safe spaces between us and our friends or the kind and uncritical pages of a notebook. Hopes for what a different world would look like. Hopes of how we might be able to play a part in it’s creation. We laugh as we say our ideas, because it seems bizarre to us that anybody would care… really care.

It’s shocking enough to be asked what your ideas for a better world might look like. But to be asked for help and trust in creating it and given money to do it yourself. That’s really shocking. So shocking the first response is often to question the messenger, interrogate them as a fraudster who must be a salesman in hiding or some imposter trying to scam us…. take us for a fool. Or it’s so shocking that people don’t actually hear what you are saying when you tell them what the idea of street to scale is. It’s too far out of our concept of this society. Too exciting to take seriously. ‘ Too good to be true’.

If nobody’s told you that your ideas can make a difference to the world, it’s hard to trust yourself that they really can. Ironic, as they are the only things that ever have.

Bea Herbert