Just do it.

By Dr Nina Browne

Melinda Rees, Managing Director at Beacon UK, said to me “There’s that saying, if you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t refuse it…so I took a risk”

I think about Melinda’s words a lot. I had no idea at the time she would also be describing what has been my first year post-qualification. My research, ‘From Practice to Policy’, put me in the privileged position of hearing about her journey. I also spoke to 37 other psychologists. They had all used their training to influence policy; they all had very similar advice.

Influencing policy wasn’t about developing new skills. It was about developing confidence in our existing skills. Use them differently. See opportunities. Take risks. Just do it. 

Therefore, when I was offered an opportunity to board a rocket ship, joining Dr Charlie Howard in setting up Owls, I said yes. 

Full version published in the UCL DClinPsy Newsletter. Autumn 2017.