We Incubate innovations that we believe have the potential to accelerate social change. Sometimes we find innovations within communities, sometimes other people find them. But we love making things happen that haven’t been done before. We’re most well known for our work testing problem solving booths but here are some other things we’ve been working on:


The movement

Our vision is a world where all solutions to serious youth violence involve young people with lived expertise. A world where, in 10 years time, there will be no strategy, policy or TV programme written about youth violence without young people being involved at the beginning, middle and end.

The grant incubator

This is a new grant incubator for young people who are furthest away from mainstream grant making. We’re doing it partnership with grant makers who are volunteering their time.

street to scale

Street to Scale has a vision to change the way funding happens. We have been testing the idea of youth led banks for the past year. Please get in touch if you are interested.


Problem Solving Booths

Problem Solving Booths were the idea of a young person that turns help-seeking on it’s head. We tested the concept with lots of partners in the UK and internationally. We have now given the concept away for you to try - read about what we have learned here.

Mental health incubator

The vision for this incubator is to embed mental well-being into organisations working with young people. We believe in an action research approach - getting alongside a team and co-producing together. We are currently testing this approach with Safer London.