our vision

Problem solving booths have flown the nest and so the idea of Street to Scale was born. Street to Scale seeks to extend trust in communities. It is youth- led, backing local young people to use funds ethically to change things that matter to them. Street to Scale puts young people ahead of organisations, and taps into their knowledge of shared challenges, such as youth violence and mental health, and their ability to find imaginative solutions to those challenges.

Street to Scale brings together three partners; young people, local funders and Street to Scale.

The work is designed to bring young people together to think about how best to improve their community. It increases the amount of trust in a community, and develops initiatives to connect community members. From time to time the work will result in a great idea that can be used in many communities.

What was it like getting a card?

“When you have an idea and you want to put it out to the world. The ability of your idea becoming a reality is suddenly to do with someone else, who you’ve met, who you can’t talk to. It’s the most impersonal experience, for an idea that is the most personal thing you have. It’s surreal. After so many rejections for money and then you find out this exists”

How did it change how you felt about yourself?

“A huge amount of trust involved. Which boosts your self-esteem a bit but at the same time makes you start questioning your idea more. Whether it’s good enough. You don’t want to disappoint. You want to honour the process of being given something, and being trusted. Someone offers you something you need you’ll respect and davour it. As it might not come again.”