We believe change happens through collaboration. Our aspiration is to add value to the world by working with others. Here are some of the things we do:


Barnardo's have protected and supported the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people for over 150 years. we love that they involve young people in decisions that affect thier lives. We are excited to be partnered on a small piece of work on Criminal Exploitation, Serious Youth Violence and Gangs Work in London. 


Safer London work to prevent and address gang violence, vulnerability and sexual exploitation. We are working with them to co-develop a new therapeutic service to meet the mental health needs of young people.  


STREET TO SCALE has a vision to change the way funding happens. to fund citizens and their ideas not organisations. we are currently testing youth-led banks.

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Wytham Hall is an ABSTINENCE-based Supported Housing Project in North london. we co-developed a model of working that is psychologically informed, providing flexible and ACCESSIBLE THERAPY. We hope it's a model that can inform future working within this sector.


'States of Mind' is a youth-led project in pembury, hackney. It combines the experiences, needs and expertise of young people, Peabody, the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (AFNCCF) and More than mentors. We co-developed a community based peer-mentoring programme.

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Owls are working in partnership with Catch22 and Southwark Council to re-design the leaving care service, putting the voices of care experienced young people at the heart of design. Watch the
Changes lead to chances film to learn more.

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Shared intelligence Help clients tackle some of their most challenging issues through research and policy change. We co-developed how 'rhyme Time' can help mums with their mental health in Libraries across Essex.

Thrive London is a citywide movement for mental health, supported by the Mayor of London and the London Health Board. We tested and developed Problem Solving Booths with Londoners whose voices are seldom heard. 


Caitlin Griffiths led a participatory-art project that aimed to improve well-being and tolerance through knowledge of how we form our identities. we participated as part of the expert panel, which informed workshops with 100 young people (14-17) across 5 schools in Camden.

Camerados is a social movement that believes two things are missing from most services helping people with tough times: Friends and Purpose. We co-developed the Living Room concept to help make it a global phenomenon. read more here



Practice to Policy

Owls are lucky enough to be invited to contribute to events and conferences around the world to talk about their ideas. We also teach about influencing policy on doctoral training courses. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

we are worked with Camden Council to find new ways of working with the community. This work includes exploring how Camden can be the first London borough of mutual aid. we also co-created Problem Solving Booths to learn how they can add value to young people living in care. read more here

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Subway therapy is a movement that begun in new York to encourage citizens to express their views in subway stations. We partnered with TFL and BTP to test this concept in the uk.


Ashoka supported owls to co-develop a strategy to help share stories that have a social impact. They have enabled us to capture and act upon emerging insights.