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Can you Help us Problem Solve Britain?  Dr Charlie Howard's public talk in London

coming up! 2019

16th June 2019 - Making an Impact: The Society for Community Research and Action, Chicago

(1) Ideas not Organisations: funding people whose ideas are seldom heard

(2) Problem Solving Booths: A tool for civic engagement in downtown Chicago

previous Talks 2018

31st October 2018 - Street to Scale: tackling structural barriers to unlock community led innovation  Dr Nina Browne talk at The British Psychological Society Workshop

24th September 2018 - Street to Scale: Tacking the structural barriers to community-led innovation Dr Nina Browne, Goldsmiths and Community Activists at The British Psychological Society Community Psychology Festival

21st-22nd July 2018 - Problem Solving Booth: Mental Health Workshop The Owls Team

19th January 2018 - Beyond the Therapy Room Dr Nina Browne and Harriet Mills, Cardiff

previous TALKS 2017

October 2017

Psychologists for Social Change, London 

Problem Solving Booths with THRIVE LDN

September 2017

Investing in Children, Young People and Families: Clinical Psychologists at the Forefront of Change

British Psychological Society, Reading

'Problem Solving Booths: enabling conversations with staff and young people'

September 2017

Maximising Community Resilience through Mutual Aid

The Wellcome Collection, London

'Problem Solving Booths: enabling mutual aid conversations'

 August 2017

Lancashire and Cumbria Suicide Prevention Consultation Event

NHS, North West Coast

'Taking Camerados to the Streets and Buses of Blackpool'

 June 2017

Transformative Community Psychology

Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) Biennial, Canada. 

(1) 'Using Psychology to Change Policy: Public Living Rooms and Problem Solving Booths'

(2) 'Improved Housing Conditions, Housing Stability and Housing Policies: Transforming the Lives of Vulnerable Populations'

 Jan 2017

The Future is Now

British Psychological Society, Liverpool.

'Clinical Psychologists Changing Policy: learning, sharing and shaping the future of social and mental health policy' Symposium. 

 Jan 2017

Opening Spaces for Hope: How to influence social change and policy using psychology

British Psychological Society, London.

'Practice to Policy: Using Psychology for Social Change'

previous TALKS 2016

Dec 2016

From Practice to Policy: Clinical Psychologists Working at a Macro Level

University College London, London

(1) 'Practice to Policy: clinical psychologists' experiences of macro-level work'

(2) 'From the Streets of Camden to the Palace of Westminster' 


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