We believe change happens through collaboration. Our aspiration is to add value to the world by working with others. We have no ambition to grow as an organisation.

We’ve learnt we are best at working on:

  • mental health

  • co-production

  • serious youth violence

How we make it happen:



We incubate innovations that we believe have the potential to accelerate social change. Sometimes we find them with communities, sometimes other people find them. But we love making things happen that haven’t been done before. We’re most well known for our work testing Problem Solving Booths, but here are some other things we’ve been working on.


think-do lab

We think by doing. This could be grassroots research or sharing what we know with other organisations. But to take it on we have to believe it has to have the potential for big impact


Supervision and policy

This is the boring bit, except we secretly enjoy it. If we want things to change then it’s really important.

Here’s an interesting thing about our own policies… we’ve done something we think is quite different. In the interest of not duplicating the back office work of voluntary sector organisations, we have wholeheartedly adopted MAC-UK’s policies. We are really grateful to MAC-UK for sharing these with us!